ADT offers top-of-the-line winter additives that ensure product flow in cold weather: WinterGUARD™ Xtreme and 20 Below™.



WinterGUARD™ Xtreme is the latest iteration of advanced distillate cold flow improvement technology. It functions as a wax crystal modifier to significantly lower operating temperatures in a broad spectrum of hard-to-treat ultra-low sulfur diesel and biodiesel blended fuels. This cold weather additive significantly lowers the cold filter plugging point of fuels by modifying the size and shape of wax crystals, allowing continuous fuel passage through filters.


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20 Below™ ensures low temperature product flow in outside tanks, that typically reach their pour point more quickly in low temperature climates. By lowering the fuel’s pour point to as low as -35ºF, it allows for the fuel to move easily through the heating system. 20 Below™ also lowers the freezing point of the fuel to prevent icing by dispersing any water in the fuel.


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