ADT offers top-of-the-line additives that protect and enhance the performance of heating oil: HeatGUARD ULS™ and BioSURE™.



HeatGUARD ULS™ stabilizes both petroleum and any undisclosed bio-components in ultra-low sulfur heating oil to decrease filter blocking from asphaltenes, high molecular weight insoluble, glycerides and metal debris. It also protects against acidic corrosion on all wet surfaces and offers superior rancimat performance, allowing long-term storage of fuels.


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BioSURE™ is a technically advanced multifunctional heating additive specifically developed to enhance a wide spectrum of performance properties in Bioheat® fuel and other bio-derived heating fuels. It stabilizes petroleum and renewable components in Bioheat® fuel and biofuels from thermal and oxidative degradation, allowing for long-term storage. BioSURE™ also cleans fuel systems and nozzles, removing carbonaceous and gum deposits.


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