ADT offers top-of-the-line additives that protect and enhance the performance of diesel fuel: BioSURE™ On Highway B5+ and DieselGUARD 365™.



BioSURE™ On Highway comes equipped with HydroGUARD, which protects against ULSD and biodiesel-induced water problems by demulsifying entrained water in fuel, lowering the freeze point to prevent fuel line icing and preventing microbial induced corrosion.


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DieselGUARD 365™ is a diesel additive that provides year-round protection for ULSD and bio-blended fuels, and the engines that rely on them with the addition of FuelMiser+ formula. This additive is built around advanced deposit control and the needs of HPCR engines. It’s been proven in fleet tests to extend engine life, reduce maintenance costs, restore lost power and increase fuel economy by up to 7.3%.


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