Our Mission

ADT’s focus remains strictly on distillate fuel performance and products designed to address the specific needs and multi-operability challenges of ULSD and biofuels. We accomplish this by continuously testing a broad spectrum of locally available fuels while closely monitoring industry trends, issues and evolving distillate specifications – especially in the area of incremental use of renewable components in Bioheat® fuel and bio-blended diesel.


bud.pngAdvanced Distillate Technologies (ADT Fuel Additives) was formed in 2006 by W.R. “Bud” McClintock, just as the petroleum industry was transitioning to lower sulfur (D396) heating fuels and mandatory 15 ppm ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) for on-road (D975) application.

“Bud” has over 40 years’ experience in the petroleum industry, most with Mobil Oil Corp., in various fuel-related capacities including Heating Oil Manager, Mid-Atlantic Distillate Business Development Manager, Paulsboro NJ Refinery operating team distillate specialist and marketing liaison for Mobil R&D distillate performance additive projects.

After decades of working in the industry, “Bud” founded ADT in response to outdated and misapplied conventional fuel additives that didn’t provide the protections demanded by ULSD-based fuels or Bioheat® fuel. Today, as a result of continuous research, ADT offers only technologically advanced distillate additive products to fuel resellers and end-users. These products meet the needs of today’s ULSHO and Bioheat® fuel, the severe performance demands of on-highway diesel fuels and biodiesel blended products, the latest in cold flow improvers for distillates stored outdoors, and a state-of-the-art winter diesel additive with next generation WASAs and wax crystal modifiers to ensure low temperature performance well below commodity specifications.